Sunday, February 06, 2005

Some Good Academic Papers (please add to this list)

Barber, Brad and Odean, Terrance. (2001). “The Internet and the Investor,” Journal of Economic Perspectives. (Winter) Vol. 15 Num 1 41-54

Barber, Brad and Odean, Terrance. (2000). "Trading is Hazardous to Your Wealth: The Common Stock Investment Performance of Individual Investors" Journal of Finance, Vol. LV, No. 2, 773-806.

Paul A. David and Gavin Wright -- General Purpose Technologies and Surges in Productivity: Historical Reflections on the Future of the ICT Revolution.

DeLong, Bradford, Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence Summers. Robert Waldman, “Noise Trader Risk in Financial Markets,” The Journal of Political Economy, 94 (4) 703-738

DeLong, Bradford. (2002) “Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities in the Twenty-First Century Economy: A Preliminary Taxonomy” Conference Draft

Devine, Warren. (1983). “From Shafts to Wires: Historical Perspective on Electrification,” The Journal of Economic History, 43:2 (Jan) 347-372.

Gompers, Paul, and Josh Lerner. "Money Chasing Deals?: The Impact of Fund Inflows on the Valuation of Private Equity Investments." Journal of Financial Economics 55, no. 2 (February 2000): 281-325.

Gompers, Paul A., and Josh Lerner. "What Drives Venture Capital Fundraising?" Harvard Business School Working Paper Series, No. 99-079, 1999.

Haacker, Markus and Morsink, James. (2002). “You Say You Want A Revolution: Information Technology and Growth,” IMF Working Paper WP/02/70 (April)

Helpman, Elhanan and Trajtenberg, Manuel. (1994). “A Time to Sow and A Time to Reap: Growth Based on General Purpose Technologies,” NBER Working Paper 4854, (September)

Helpman, Elhanan. (1996). “Diffusion of General Purpose Technologies,” NBER Working Paper 5773, (September)

IMF World Economic Outlook, April 2003 -- Chapter 2: When Bubbles Burst PDF 355KB

IMF World Economic Outlook, September 2004 -- Chapter II. Three Current Policy Issues - The Global House Price Boom PDF 412KB

IMF World Economic Outlook, May 1998--Chapter IV. Financial Crises: Characteristics & Indicators of Vulnerability

The Myth of Asia's Miracle, Paul Krugman

Ritter, Jay and Welch, Ivo. (2002). “A Review of IPO Activity, Pricing and Allocations,” The Journal of Finance, (August).

Scharfstein, David and Jeremy Stain, “Herd Behavior and Investment,” The American Economic Review, 80 (3) 465-479


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