Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bubbles of the Past

We tend to think bubbles are rare "once in a life time events," but the truth is bubbles occur all the time. Since the 1960s there has hardly been a year where there has not been a bubble somewhere:
Late 1990s –2000 Internet bubble
Early 1990s – 1997 Asian Tigers, opening market, directed lending
Mid 1990s – 1997 Russian Debt
Mid 1990s Long Term Capital Management (1)
Mid 1990s China opening market, privatizing
Early 1990s Biotechnology
1980s Japan stock market, real estate
1982 – October 18, 1987 US Stock market
Early 1980s Personal Computers and related hardware, software in US
1980s and Early 1990s Real Estate Banking Crisis, S&L, others banking crises
Late 1970s-1980 OPEC 1979 price rise in oil
Late 1970s -1982 Third world syndicate bank loans
Mid 1970s REITs, office buildings, tankers, Boeing 747s
1960s-1970s Go-Go years, Nifty-Fifty (1,2, 3), technology companies (“onics”), color television
1920s-1929 Stock market, radio, autos, telephone
Late 1910s – 1921 Postwar boom, stocks, ships, commodities
Early 1900s – Oct 1907 Coffee, Union Pacific
Early 1890s - May 1893 Silver, Gold
1840s – 1945 British Railway mania II
1840s – 1850s US Railway mania
1830s – 1936 British Railway mania I
1820s Latin American bonds, mines, cotton in England
Late 1790s – 1810s Various waves in commodities, securities in England, Hamburg
1790s Canal mania
1770s East India Company in Amsterdam. Canals, turnpikes in Britain
1770s Commodities in Amsterdam
1720s South Sea Company, company stock in England
Late 1600s East India company, new companies, lotteries, in England
1630 Tulipmania in Dutch Republic, real estate, canals


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